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Home d-r Balchev Propolis ointment 10% 40 ml

d-r Balchev Propolis ointment 10% 40 ml

d-r Balchev Propolis ointment 10%  40 ml
d-r Balchev Propolis ointment 10%  40 mld-r Balchev Propolis ointment 10%  40 mld-r Balchev Propolis ointment 10%  40 ml

D-r Balchev Propolis ointment 10%  - 40 ml

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10% propolis ointment of Dr. Balchev is prepared from high quality components imported into the country for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, and natural propolis of the highest quality under our absolute control of manufacturers. It has all the documents and evaluations of effectiveness and safety required for distribution in the commercial network. Registered in the European database of cosmetic products with file and passport. Suitable for the treatment of burns, superficial injuries, hemorrhoids, inflammatory processes in the skin, herpes simplex and zoster, cracks / rashes / on the lips, Fissura ani and others. for professional use. More than 15 years in production. The most copied, unsuccessful, propolis product. They copy the name, copy the box, copy the description via copy / paste, but they can't copy the technology and the action.
Action: Heals skin damaged by injuries, inflammation and infections. With good effect in psoriasis, hyperkeratosis. It has lubricating, regenerating, analgesic and bactericidal action.
Indications: It can be successfully used for frostbite and burns, for external and internal hemorrhoids (applied twice a day - morning and evening), for colds (inserted into the nostrils for 10-15 minutes with a cotton swab); repeated 3-4 times a day), for rapid healing of wounds, cuts and long non-healing purulent and decubitus wounds, bruising, blackheads (comedones), itchy skin, etc., ulcers of the nasal mucosa and lips; in barley (chordeolum) and inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis) (under the supervision of a doctor); in severe burns and frostbite, in fungal diseases of the skin; in boils and carbuncles, in wounds on the limbs caused by varicose veins, diabetes mellitus, impaired tissue trophism of neurological or vascular nature, herpes, psoriasis, etc. Propolis ointment has a great durability. Store at room temperature. Highly flammable. The only contraindication for its use is an allergy to propolis. Contains lanolin, Vaseline specially imported for the cosmetic and medical industry and 10% natural propolis.
Some cases observed in practice:
1. A 4-year-old child falls with a bicycle on the asphalt, injuring half of his face. He received a large abrasive bleeding wound. After primary treatment of the wound, it is treated with 10% propolis ointment 3 times a day. He made a strong impression that the wound was closing at a rate of 2-3 cm per day. After three days, the skin was completely restored without a trace of injury.
Now, January 29, 2020, I'm sorry I didn't take pictures. Mostly for superstitious reasons, but below there are cases presented with photos. Not so dramatic, but very revealing.
2. A middle-aged man with a lipoma in the back area between the shoulder blades. For 3 months every night put in place gauze with 10% propolis ointment. As a result of this treatment, the lipoma disappears completely.
3. Cut wound in the palm area. Immediately after the injury, the wound is treated 1-2 times a day with ointment. After the third day, the wound disappears completely without residue. Scarring - no.
4. Puncture wound in the area of ​​the foot. The wound was received by stepping on a board with a nail. Immediately after the accident, the wound was treated first. An ointment is stuffed in it, after which a sock is put on. The pain decreases significantly immediately and after half an hour disappears altogether. The wound heals in 4 days without residue.
5. Massive mosquito invasion. Numerous swellings on the skin of the feet, which itch, hurt and bother - the result of mosquito bites. After applying the skin, the itching and pain disappear after 5 minutes. The patient calms down and falls asleep. Mosquitoes do not attack oily skin. The next day there is no sign of insect bites.
6. Pre-flu conditions, malaise, colds, headaches with the help of ointment rub the muscles above the collarbone and neck.
7. Piercing wound - When working with an old saw with a pointed tip, holding a tree branch with my left hand several times the tip of the saw is driven into the base of the thumb of my left hand. At first I did not pay serious attention, but after a few hours the site of the injury became significantly red, swollen and there was a significant throbbing pain. After several treatments with 10% propolis ointment for 3-4 days, the symptoms completely disappeared.
8. Knee pain - An elderly client with complaints of pain in the knee joints reported that she had successfully used 10% propolis ointment by Dr. Balchev to relieve pain and improve movement. The sales consultant in one of our stores told me that an elderly woman came to buy 10% propolis ointment and started squatting to show how good the effect of its application is.
of our partner stores in Sofia and complained that her child had "warts" on her face. They treated the "warts" with various dermatological preparations without significant success. The sales consultant told them: Try Dr. Balchev's ointment. And the woman tried. Ten days later, the mother went to the store again and began to hug and kiss the saleswoman. From gratitude. After 7-10 days of treating the "warts" with 10% BhBp propolis ointment of Dr. Balchev, the "warts" disappeared without a trace. How not to hug and not to kiss!
10. In the last election - An adult with complaints of difficulty walking due to leg pain. I examined it and found that there were many calluses and deformities on the toes, especially on the right. I advised him to use the ointment. I met him a few days later, and he kept bragging about how good he felt. Something more. As he had pain in the area of ​​the hip joints and lower back, he applied 10% ointment to Dr. Balchev in the places of pain. The result was positive - the pain disappeared almost completely, improved motor activity.
11. Healed Miner's Wound Years ago a woman called me to seek help for the treatment of her husband's chronic sluggish healing post-traumatic wound. I advised her to try Dr. Balchev's 10% Propolis Ointment. A few months passed and the woman called and said, "Shut up, shut up!" And advised me to promote the case, which I did.
12. Cured White flow - Client shared that she successfully cured white flow by applying tampons with 10% propolis ointment
13. Warts on the hands - some time ago our client entered our office in Plovdiv, who was carrying something, so his hands were busy. It is unknown how our supposedly closed silent Jack-Russell Terrier attacked him and bit him on the stomach. I died of embarrassment. I call to him: look now. We will treat the wound with this ointment, and he calls me: "I know Dr. Balchev's ointment" and shows me his hands. On the dorsal surface of both wrists many white spots with a rounded shape and a diameter of about 5 mm. What is the story. He had many warts on his hands. He treated them with cryotherapy, but the effect was unsatisfactory. Then they applied laser therapy. Also with unsatisfactory effect. More intensive laser therapy followed and as a result the warts disappeared, but many holes appeared on the hands. And then he began to apply ointment. In a short time, the holes were filled and epithelialized without scars. Except their color remained lighter.
14. Cured peptic ulcer disease - years ago a client came to one of the exhibitions and I started to explain to him about 10% BhBp propolis ointment. He interrupts me and says: “I know this ointment of Dr. Balchev. With it I healed my ulcer. ”The client decided that once the ointment is for wounds, it can be successfully used for wounds of the stomach, duodenum, intestines. He started taking 1 pea / bean of propolis ointment by mouth. And healed. It is true that 60% of peptic ulcer patients recover from placebo. In this case, the end result is important. Belief in the product and the power of propolis and the selected ingredients, combined through the appropriate technology of 10% propolis ointment of Dr. Balchev helped him heal.
15. Cracked hands - years ago during our visit to Sofia a security guard of the building where we were came to me and showed me his cracked and worn hands, literally like sandpaper, with the comment that he had tried many things for treatment, but without success. I advised him to try 10% Propolis ointment. About a month later, when we went again, I saw him hurry up to me from afar and with visible pleasure showed me both his hands. I looked, I felt them - velvety smooth skin without defects and roughness. "I recommended it to my wife and to the feudal lords," he added.
Yes, there is a reason. This is the power of propolis.
16. Chef's ointment is the other name of 10% propolis ointment of Dr. Balchev. There are people - professional chefs who order large quantities of ointment. Their comment is - when I get burned, I smear myself and forget. Yesterday, 28.01.2020, once again I was practically convinced that this ointment should be somewhere next to the stove in the kitchen. I present the case. My son has a great affinity for the culinary arts. For me, this is surprising, because he is only in the 4th grade, and he knows perfectly well not only his weekly curriculum at school, but also the weekly menu at home. What's more - he invents, watches culinary movies, reads cookbooks, makes shopping lists, buys purposeful and mature food, chooses. He prepares many things together with his mother, as well as with the help of a cookbook. It is so interesting and fascinating to him that he is already going down to cooking on his own. And so. Yesterday he decided to cook something classic - lentils. And this time alone - without his mother, without his sister and in a pressure cooker. I had gone out to work and was coming home. I can't describe how I felt when he rang the doorbell when I rang the bell and said guiltily, "Dad, the pot exploded." He said it, hiding behind the door. Because I have seen results from exploded gas cylinders, acetylene cylinders, water heaters, etc., I felt goosebumps. I saw him - thank God his face, his eyes were healthy. I will not describe the pot and the lentils on the walls. The child had a burn on the chest on the right side in front. The hot steam or lentils had burned through his T-shirt. I considered the burn to be grade I, but it hurt. We immediately smeared the burn with our ointment. The following are four consecutive photos:

28.01.2020 10:06:26

28.01.2020 10:06:42

28.01.2020 11:14:52

28.01.2020 12:09:30

28.01.2020 13:21:26

The child calmed down and usually spent the rest of the day. Now he has sweet dreams. And I have never eaten such a beautiful lentil in my life. As stated in "Ratatouille" - "Everyone can cook." That's right, but some do it better. In fact, things started with this movie ....

Impressive! This is the power of propolis. We are only intermediaries between people and the pharmacy of nature.

17. Antiviral effect - It is known that we should wash our hands often, avoid coughing and sneezing, be careful what we touch, where and how we get caught in public transport, use masks, get vaccinated. One of the places where viruses enter the human body is the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. In the nose, however, there are more natural defense mechanisms. It is therefore recommended to breathe through the nose. If the nasal mucosa is further treated with propolis ointment, this creates an additional barrier to viruses, which in order to infect the body must first make contact with the epithelial cells of the nasal mucosa. The nasal mucosa smeared with propolis ointment is more protected from viral attacks. Protecting and treating your hands with appropriate means is also important. This can be done successfully with another propolis-containing product - BhBp propolis gel. Repeated treatment of the hands with propolis ointment is also important.

Discounts for quantities. With a single goal - more people to have access to the original. 15 years for the benefit of the people. From here you can order 10 pieces at a better price. If you wish, you can buy only 5 pieces of Apiteka Propolis Ointment by Dr. Balchev at a better price. Because Dr. Balchev's Propolis Ointment should always be closer to you. Always with you. It can always be useful.


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